Natural Tamala Limestone

Limestone, the material famous for such world-renowned monuments as the Egyptian pyramids, is now proving to be the perfect medium for a multitude of building and renovation projects, with Adelaide Stone applying its expertise to the design, distribution, processing and construction of Limestone building throughout all of Australia.

Tamala Limestone has a time-worn texture in a mellow sun-bleached ochre and is the perfect partner to a host of architectural styles, from rustic colonial homesteads to elegant Tuscan-style courtyards. Housing bricks and blocks, cladding and paving are all available in this beautiful stone, plus architectural features such as sills, bullnoses, corbels, pool coping, corner blocks and firep laces.

The housing bricks come in three sizes – two, three and four times the height of a standard brick course which is not only an aesthetically pleasing size, but one that simplifies the design and construction process when substituting natural stone for extruded clay bricks. These are supplied with the option of a smooth diamond- cut finish or the highly textured quarry cut reminiscent of the hand-hewn stone of early colonial years.

The irony of the product is that its style and rich character have created the misconception that it is a luxury product beyond the budget of the average homebuyer or renovator.

Tamala Limestone is now one of the most cost -effective building products available but its sheer good looks believe the fact that the difference between building a typical three- bedroom home in convention brick and Tamala Limestone can be as little as $5, 000.00, or approximately 18% more then a brick/render home. And if you compare it to another icon of the building trade – sandstone - it is much less than one- third of the price.

The density of Tamala Limestone acts as the perfect insulation material, keeping a home cool in summer and warm in winter while also acting as a sound barrier. A single skin wall of limestone can reduce noise levels by 36- 50 decibels. The larger blocks of Tamala Limestone 500x330x150mm to 1000x350x350mm, in a roughly textured finish, are specifically designed for use in retaining and screen walls, landscaping as well as building construction. Limestone pavers are also available providing a non- slippery, cool surface.