Natural Tamala Limestone Specifications

Material Safety Data Sheet

Product Name:
Trade Name: TAMALA SHIELD U.N. No: N/A
Dangerous Goods Class/and Subsidiary Risk: N/A
Hazchem Code: N/A
Poisons Schedule: N/A
(N/A = Not Applicable)
Use: Deep impregnating water repellent sealer-binder for low and high porosity substrates.
Physical Description/Properties:
Appearance: Milky Liquid Specific Gravity: 1.00
Boiling Point: 100 Degrees Celsius. (water) pH Level: approx. 9
Vapour Pressure: 30 (water) mm Hg@25c Percent Volatiles: 65%
Odour: Mild Ignition Temp: approx 570C
Flash Point: N/A Solubility: Miscible(water)
Explosion Limits: N/A
Chemical Entity Cas No. Proportion
Siliconate 016-689-438 ( Low < 20% )
Emulsions None Allocated ( Low < 20% )
Additives Non-Hazardous ( Low 5 - 10% )
Water 7732-18-5 to 100%

Health Effects:
Swallowed: Slightly irritating, may affect digestive tract when swallowed in volume.
Eye: Irritating, will affect eyes with possible long-term damage.
Skin: Slightly irritating, may affect skin on prolonged contact.
Inhaled: Slightly irritating, may cause nausea on prolonged contact.
First Aid:
Swallowed: If poisoning occurs contact a doctor or poisons information service. Do NOT induce vomiting. Give water to drink and seek medical advice.
Eye: Gently flush with running water, holding eyelids open for 15 mins. Seek medical attention.
Skin: Wash affected area immediately with soap and water.
Inhaled: Water based - treat as for drowning.
Advice to doctor: Treat symptomatically.

Exposure Limits: None Established.
Personal Protection: Normal site protection. Observe good industrial hygiene.
Flammability: Not applicable.
Ventilation: Use in a ventilated area. For enclosed spaces suitable reathing apparatus should be worn.

Storage and transport: Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of children.
Fire/explosion hazard: Not applicable.
Spills and Disposal: Do not allow large spills to enter drains or sewers. Inform police if this occurs. Absorb spilt product onto sand or earth dispose to landfill in accordance with State & Local regulations.