Limestone House Bricks

The housing bricks come in three sizes - two, three and four times the height of a standard brick course which is not only an aesthetically pleasing size, but one that simplifies the design and construction process when substituting natural stone for extruded clay bricks. These are supplied with the option of a smooth diamond-cut finish or the highly textured quarry cut reminiscent of the hand-hewn stone of early colonial years.

The density of Tamala Limestone acts as the perfect insulation material, keeping a home cool in summer and warm in winter while also acting as a sound barrier.



house bricks101

CodeSize (mm)No. Per PalletKg Per Unit
MS202 500 x 159 x 100 108 13
MS203 500 x 245 x 100 72 19
MS204 500 x 330 x 100 54 25
MS215 500 x 245 x 150 48 28
MS216 500 x 330 x 150 36 38

Technical Specifications

Geological Name: Tamala Eolianite
Stone Type: Coastal Limestone
Colour: Cream
Texture: Fine to medium grained
Geological Age: Pleistocene Age
Bulk Density: 1.5t/m³
Compressive Strength: 3.5 Mpa Avg
Calcium Carbonate Content: 70%-95%
Flexural Strength: 2.5MPa dry 2.2MPa wet

As with all natural materials variability in colour, texture and composition can be expected. Repeat testing is recommended to confirm suitability of technical specifications.